The Foursquare Church Australia is pro-active in overseas mission. We serve the following nations in a number of ways with financial and practical support.


The mission fields we support are:

Papua New Guinea
• The Irene Baker Health Centre and Fore Mission Station
• Imaka Mission Station
• Lighthouse Bible College, Gospel Lighthouse Madang

Vanuatu – The Foursquare Church

Fiji – The Foursquare Church

Solomon Islands -The Foursquare Church

India – Lighthouse Children’s Home, Chennai

• Kenya – Bible School in a Briefcase Outreach
• Malawi – Heartbeat Foursquare Church (Refugee Camp)
• Zimbabwe – The Foursquare Church

Indonesia – Kim Goodwin Ministries

Australian Overseas Evangelistic Outreach – Hope Ministries, Evangelist – Gerald James.

The Director of Foursquare Overseas Missions Eastern Australia is Reverend Ricardo (Ding) Cantre. Before being elected to this position in 2016, Pastor Ding, as he prefers to be called was the founding pastor of the large Come To Jesus Foursquare Church Fellowship (CTJ) located in western Sydney at Glendenning. The fellowship has grown over the past fifteen years to be one of the flagships of the movement. He stood aside from the Senior pastoral role during the last twelve months to concentrate on the demands of the Overseas Mission portfolio.

The prior Director of Overseas Missions (up to 2017) was Rev. Dr. Graham Baker. Graham and his wife Irene were resident Missionaries for 7 years in Papua New Guinea at Fore Station in the Eastern Highlands province. While there they say many souls won for the Kingdom and Irene Baker pioneering a health clinic which with Australian Mission support has now grown into a large hospital which serves more than 20,000 in the region. Australia is partnering with the National PNG Government in initiatives to maintain the Irene Baker Health Centre into the future. Over 1million patients have attended this facility and thousands of babies have been born at Centre. After moving from Fore to Madang on the north coast of PNG, the Bakers pioneered Gospel Lighthouse Christian Centre where they served for twenty-four years.

More than 350 churches were started from that one church in Madang. They also commenced the Lighthouse Bible College realizing a successful release of over 1300 graduates over the years who now serve as pastors and in other ministries across the PNG nation and overseas.

Graham was the Foursquare East Australia Missions Director from 1997, the same year that both he and Irene Baker graduated attaining their Doctor of Divinity.